So I went to visit my friend in Oslo.


It was Musikkfest Oslo on Saturday, and we saw some friends of mine from school playing. Their music is really fresh and new, with hints of rock and jazz. They’re all incredibly talented musicians.

The weather was amazing, and I got a tan.

On Sunday we went sightseeing. I needed to get some pictures taken for the big trip, so that I can show the Norwegian culture and country when I get to Mauritius. Today I got the message that a girl form Bucharest will be on the same flight as me from Paris on Thursday. I guess I’ll have some time to get to know her. It is a 19-hour flight I’m getting ready for after all.

The Vigeland Sculpture Park.

I love these two.

The artist has captured how children approach each other in such a great way. The same artist has made the more than 200 statues which now fill the entire park. It’s beautiful!

I also met some (well, loads of) tourists there. I heard them speaking Spanish and approached the two ladies asking if they wanted me to take a picture of the two of them together. Turned out they were from Mexico and Puerto Rico, and I got a chance to practice my Spanish. They thought I was from Spain, because of my accent. I love when that happens!


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