Training Log

Friday 3rd of June:

2.5 kilometer run.

Thursday 19th of May:

30 minutes core strength class
30 minutes Zumba class

Wednesday 18th of May:

Squats                                   3×8          bar + 20kg
Deadlifts                              3×10          bar + 12.5kg

1 hour Zumba dance class

Friday 12th of May:

10 kilometer walk along the beach.

Wednesday 11th of May:

30 kilometer bike trip around Copenhagen.

Tuesday 10th of May:

3-hour walk around Copenhagen.

Tuesday 3rd of May:

Guerilla cardio, with running speed of 15km/h. 120 kcal.

Monday 2nd of May:

Lat pulldown                4×8          30kg
Seated row                   3×10         25kg
Chins                            4×10        -33kg
Dips                              4×10        -33kg
Shoulders                      3×8            2kg
Bench press                   3×8          bar+5kg
Hammer-curl                3×10           6kg
Sideraise                       3×12            –
Situps on bouse             3×12            –

Sundag 1st of May:

Squats                                   2×8 @ bar + 15kg  &  2×8 @ bar + 20kg
Deadlifts                              3×10          bar + 12.5kg
Adductor machine               3×12          60kg    <- as superset
Abductor machine               3×12          60kg    <- as superset
Seated toe raises                  3×12          5kg

Stretch class

Wednesday 27th of April:

Lat pulldown                2×8          25kg
Seated row                   3×10         20kg
Chins                            4×8         -33kg
Dips                              4×8         -33kg
Shoulders                     3×8             2kg
Bench press                  4×10         15kg
Hammer-curl                3×10          4kg

Tuesday 26th of April:

Stretch class
I sat, comfortably, in the splits for the first time in ten years.


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