airport love

There is so much shit happening in the world right now. Stupid and bored thugs in London are ruining the city, the news seem to include people getting shot every single day, people are starving and their governments are corrupt. Numbers of rape have multiplied by four on The Horn of Africa. People seem to hate each other!

I’ve found my favourite place to be in all of this – the arrival hall on airports. On Monday night I went to pick up my best friend coming back from ten weeks in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. I got there half an hour early, and enjoyed the view of people crying from the joy of seeing their friends and family coming out through the customs.

I wish we all could love each other that much all the time.


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- Maria Louise - 20 - Danish - Norwegian - Living in London - I am living a life filled with opportunities, at times you have to choose not to take them. I take as many as possible, though! Join me on my journey! View all posts by Maria Louise

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