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airport love

There is so much shit happening in the world right now. Stupid and bored thugs in London are ruining the city, the news seem to include people getting shot every single day, people are starving and their governments are corrupt. Numbers of rape have multiplied by four on The Horn of Africa. People seem to hate each other!

I’ve found my favourite place to be in all of this – the arrival hall on airports. On Monday night I went to pick up my best friend coming back from ten weeks in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. I got there half an hour early, and enjoyed the view of people crying from the joy of seeing their friends and family coming out through the customs.

I wish we all could love each other that much all the time.


Last Night


I went for a walk.



Nouveau départ

I started this blog at a point in my life when things were falling apart. I had university, work, friends, exams and travel, and it was all making a mess in my head. My reaction was to cut out everything and just get out of bed when it was absolutely necessary. Or when my friends forced me. I love them for it, because I know it was what I needed, I just couldn’t do it alone.

I’m about to catch up with things now. That is, I already have. The sort of catching up I’m doing now includes books that have nothing to do with business. It includes longboarding and sitting in the sun while looking at the skin getting darker. I’m simply refueling, and that’s all. After a long and stressful, but incredibly rewarding, year, this is what I need. It’s what I was longing for those days when my alarm woke me at 05:30am and I got home from work at 9pm. That was when I was thinking that I should just settle down for a bit; chill out, have barbecues in the garden and be happy. I’d read books about happiness and suck in more knowledge. So I did take time off – time to reflect. And now I’m bored of it.


What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. There is something to that expression. I don’t think experiences solely makes you stronger, they are also what make you happy. Happiness comes with experience; it comes with learning from others, but more importantly it comes from within yourself. See it, believe it, achieve it as we say in AIESEC. That means getting new experiences, which is definitely tough. But if you learn to love the journey great things will happen.

So I’ve been in Norway for some weeks, I’ve fully recovered and now I’m ready to experience more of life and more of the world. Hopefully someone will take a picture of the first time I see a mango still on its tree – that would be capturing true joy. I’m ready for everything! Well, except eating the boiled dogs that my Mauritian friends have told me about.


I got home from an amazing Earth Died Screaming concert pretty late last night. I stuck around after the concert, as my father was organising the gig and I was his taxi driver for the evening. They made a mean show, playing Tom Waits songs. I’ve seen the show once before, and they are really talented. Have a look. 

Innocent when you dream.

After the concert this random girl came up to me. I’d noticed her during the concert, sitting on the sideline – knowing all the lyrics. Not many 20 year olds know the lyrics to that many Tom Waits songs. Not my point. So, earlier that evening she was sitting with two guys. She just wanted to tell me that her two friends had noticed me, and told her that they thought I was really pretty. After four days on the couch with a temperature I felt everything but pretty. It warmed me up so much (well, I did have a little temperature still) to hear her say that. Often there is too much rivalry between girls; many would not under any circumstances tell a complete stranger that. But we should! I wish more girls were that good to each other.


Breakfast thoughts

I am a huge believer in knowing why you do everything you do everything you do. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, you will never finish it. This blog has it’s why for me, and it has been my plan to share it soon. But I’m not sure if I can put it in words.

This is a little part of my why.

I watched an incredible movie last night. It is the most inspiring yet awful documentary I’ve ever seen. It made me cry, it made me angry and happy simultaneously, and it left me in a vacuum for hours afterwards.

Mugabe and the White African is a strong film!

First of all, it is a film everyone should see. It is about Mike Campbell and his family taking President Robert Mugabe to international court for racism against the white citizens of Zimbabwe. On the way he gets abducted, tortured and beaten by thugs, his white friends get thrown out of the home that they legally have owned for over 100 years, because of the land redistribution the president is doing.

Taking from the white, giving to his black friends.

This shows a Nazi Germany equivalent happening as we speak. Regardless of winning the legal case in court, after the filming ended, the government burnt down the 3,000 acre farm taking away employment possibility for 500 of the black citizens. Three weeks ago Mike Campbell died from complications following the beatings that happened back in 2008. I have never witnessed someone fighting that hard for a goal.

It’s so inspiring! 

Like This!

Morning cardio.

I have a collage on the wall of my room, that I have filled with messages to myself. One of them says: I think I’ve become addicted to exercise. I feel virtuous, and clean, and utterly focused – like a fasting saint, as Charlotte Sinclair put it. That’s exactly how it works!

I just came back from the gym. There is no such thing as a 5-kilometer run before breakfast. Not because it’s particularly comfortable, but because of how much you appreciate breakfast after keeping the heart rate at almost 190 for half an hour. It’s interesting how food tastes so much better when you really need it.

This is my breakfast today. Look at the giraffe-banana!

Like This!

The World We Created

Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed
Take a look at all the suffering we breed
So many lonely faces scattered all around
Searching for what they need

Is this the world we created
we made it on our own
Is this the world we invaded
Against the law
So it seems in the end
Is this what we’re all living for today
The world that we created.

You know that every day a helpless child is born
Who needs some loving care inside a happy home
Somewhere a wealthy man is sitting on his throne
Waiting for life to go by

Is this the world we created
we made it on our own
Is this the world we devastated
Right to the bone?
If there’s a God in the sky looking down
What can he think of what we’ve done
To the world that he created.

Like This!