Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan starts today, and I’m gonna eat breakfast soon. It must be hard in such a multi-religious country to stick to the fasting. I will join when I go to Egypt in 17 days, but until then I’ll eat normally. I’ve had loads of Islamic events going on lately. I’ve been to a wedding – twice. First the family of the bride hosted a dinner, and then the family of the groom. It is fun to see how 700 guests spend hours to get ready, come to the dinner, eat and then go again. No one sticks around, which I guess might be good if you don’t have anything in common with your family. At times it might be better than trying to keep a conversation going with someone you’d rather not talk to.

We were dancing in the wedding:

And when I went for a walk yesterday, the Mosque was calling on us for prayer. The entire city was empty, because it was Sunday, and this was the only sound I could hear. Lovely!

And here are some pictures from the wedding:


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