Offensive comments

I want to make a collection of some of the offensive stuff I’ve come across online after the terror attack in Oslo and Utøya.

Nabogutten fortalte at hans pakistanske kompis ble dratt ut av 31 bussen og banket opp av et norsk par.
(The neighbour’s son told me that his Pakistani friend got pulled out of bus number 31 and beaten by a Norwegian couple)

The problem with Islam is that the religion actually preaches that to be a good Muslim, you have to kill non-Muslims.

Jeg synes det er avskyelig det som har skjedd, men jeg synes det er like avskyelig at enkelte medier forsøker å trekke en kobling mellom denne mannens udåd og Frp.
(I think it is disgusting what has happened, but I think it’s just as disgusting that some media are trying to draw a link between this man’s crime and Frp.)

The Sun front-page headline:
“Al-Qaeda Massacre” – Norway’s 9/11

Those fucking Al-Qaedas…

In addition to many other offensive comments.. I don’t know what to say. It’s simply hideous that people can think this way. It kills me to know that the media does not call him a terrorist because he’s a Christian.


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