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Countryside Anthem

I requested one final performance from the boys, as a last gift. Here it is. Aren’t they amazing…



It’s crazy being so far away from home. Of course I am happy to be safe, thousands of kilometers away from the bombing and the shooting, still it’s tough being the only Norwegian here. On Friday I went to bed knowing that 20 had been confirmed dead, when I woke up the number had risen to 80. Now we’re up in 91 dead, and 97 severely hurt, and many still missing, and I’m just hoping my friends are safe, and that this is all over now. Inshallah!

There has been no way for me to see the police press releases or be a part of the Norwegian society from here. I’m sending warm thoughts constantly; but sadly that’s all I can do. It has been hard to keep up to date with just twitter, reading how a Pakistani guy got beaten by a Norwegian couple for being Pakistani; how many first blamed “some muslim”; how the press refrains from calling Anders Breivik a terrorist after it was discovered he is Norwegian. I don’t like seeing my country and people being such rasists. Even VG asked the question of why he chose to use a method which is regarded as Islamist. We need to stop blaming Muslims for the problems in this world. Some of my best friends are Muslim; especially one who has taken such good care of me when all this bad happened to my county and the world around me just kept going as if nothing happened. What he did has nothing to do with Islam, it’s pure violence and evil. Still, I’m proud of being Norwegian. I’m proud to see how well the Prime Minister and the King has tackled it, as well as how we regardless of political views keep together as a nation during all of this.

While being here I have understood how proud of our nation we are. My friends here, whether Mauritian, Indian or even Danish don’t understand it. I’m proud of my country, as long as it keeps being a place where people from various backgrounds can live together and share their cultures.


The 21st of February 1999, Kaya was found dead in the Alcatraz Police Cells at Line Barracks. All the doctors who examined Kaya’s body acknowledged that his death was due to shock or violence. Thursday, 4 days before his death, Kaya was arrested for having smoked a cigarette allegedly containing gandia publicly at a concert two days before. The cigarette was never found, so who knows. Since then, many others have died in police custody. Kaya is a famous Mauritian musician, inventor of the Seggae, and his death caused a three-day riot with widespread looting and a news-blackout.

Kaya’s widow, Veronique (in orange), did my rastas in her hair salon.

Seggae nu la mizik

What a lovely night out!

There is a music festival going on, and yesterday we went to Quatre Bornes to see it. When we got there at 9pm, the entire park was filled with people. We had to jump a fence to get in. Normally it’s not safe to walk outside after sunset, which is 6pm, but we were a group of six, so it was fine. The boys told us to be careful anyway, because of people drinking and untrustworthy security workers. You would have to be careful at night back home too, but it feels strange not being able to trust the police.

So, the concert was good. When we got there this Mauritian comedian was doing a stand-up show in Creole. Apparently it was funny. Once he finished they started playing seggae, which is a fusion genre between sega, the traditional music of the Mascarene Islands, and reggae. It was invented by Kaya, whose life and influence deserves a separate blog post!

It was really interesting to see how everyone was dancing and enjoying the different musicians; I’ve never seen guys with such loose hips. I’m sometimes taking “classes” with Edeen, my brother. Whenever there is music he starts dancing. If I’m lucky he might let me film his hip-moving action and post it some time.


I’m off to Oslo first thing tomorrow morning. Once a year here in Norway they arrange what roughly translated is called the day of music. In three of the biggest Norwegian cities there are free concerts in more or less all of the parks and big gathering points. I like celebrating summer with music all around. More importantly I’ll be visiting my best friend. I haven’t seen her in at least three months, and I need to see her once before flying away on my two-month adventure on the southern hemisphere.

There she is!

I’m hoping to see Proviant Audio play tomorrow. I went to school with the mastermind behind this. 18 years old – just released his second album. Check it out!

It’s over!

I’ve finished my first year of university. Here is how I celebrated.

Concert with Moddi!

Now it’s about time to pack and get to bed, as I have a train to catch tomorrow at 6.30am. That means rise and shine at 4am, and at this time tomorrow I’ll be in Denmark.

One step closer

I’m one step closer to summer now. I finished my Spanish exam yesterday, and went out for some shopping afterwards. I found a pair of boyfriend jeans which fit perfectly. I guess that’s what single girls buy when they want to feel like they are loved, or at least wish to portray that image. It’s a bit sad, really. Although there is something effortlessly sexy about it. My best friend gave me three of his t-shirts that he regretted buying online – I guess that’ll do for now.

India is off, by the way. It turned out to be more like a village than a city, 4-5 hours away from Delhi. My Indian friend said it is not an ideal place to do an internship and I would not recommend going there. So I trusted him on that. It’s a bit of a bummer, I was looking forward to it a lot. At least I saved £200 on vaccinations; that’s always something. Now I’m waiting for interviews in Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia instead. Fingers crossed! 

So planning my summer has been working a bit against me lately, yet I woke up the other day, with a feeling that everything is possible! I still feel that way, and it’s amazing to be back from a rather dark period.

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