Chaiwala Maria Louise

During a night visit I did with Jeppe, Edeen and Annie to some dormitories, we were invited in for a cup of masala chai and a Bollywood movie. Our Indian friends speak primarily Hindi, but having a quiet cup of tea watching a movie is amazing anyway. You may say whatever you like about the white beaches and five-star hotels; I prefer having homemade Indian tea on the floor in a crowded living room with people I can’t communicate with perfectly. I tried asking how they made the chai, and I understood enough to have a good starting point to play with when getting back home. Now I make a mean masala chai, if I may say so myself. When moving back to London I’ll take up employment as a chaiwala. When leaving I kindly said shukriya – that made them laugh. My Hindi vocabulary is pretty limited (hello and thank you are the only things I can say), but they understood me nonetheless.

I’ve had some good last days with habibti FatimaZahrae (aka Tamy). We went to Trou aux Biches the other day, spent hours sunbathing, swimming and watching the sunset. My brother, Edeen, and I have our own internal thing which is about watching the sunset upside down. We’ll stand by the water bent forward with our heads between our legs. Sometimes people walking past us stop up and try it, and they like it!

Sunset at Trou aux Biches – The Edeen and Maria Louise way.

I’m not only here to work; I do have fun as well. Whenever not spending time with the boyfriend (yes mum, I know it’s stupid…). The beach is lovely, we’ve also gone to Pamplemousse Botanical Garden and l’Aventure du Sucre, an old sugar factory. There we walked our way through the entire history of Mauritius as a major producer of sugar, and had a sugar & rum tasting. Who knew sugar could have that many different flavours.. The workers carried bags of 80 kilos on their back to move the sugar, and we got to try carrying it. Both Annie and I were strong enough, but the other girls had some problems with it.

Annie carrying the 80 kilos

Tamy and me at Trou aux Biches

One of the most popular songs:


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