Fashion Show

So I’m stuck. English is the official language, but people would rather speak French or Creole. I try to be a good guest and learn French, but it’s not something that just comes to you over night. Right now I’m being bound within the confines of my knowledge of the language. Yesterday I almost ordered fish curry with rice rather than without, simply because it was the only think I could say it in French.

But I like it. I’m used to there being too many things to choose between. Crevette or poisson – faratha or dholl puri? Water avec or sans lemons? Normally I can’t choose, but now that I only understand half of what is going on, it makes it a lot easier to make decisions.

I ended up having poisson without rice for lunch, but I ordered it in English. On my way to the restaurant a pidgeon shat on me – annoying. Tammy told me that in Morocco it gives you good luck when that happens. And she was right! Five minutes later Alex called me and told me that he got the two of us on the guest list for a fashion show he was doing; we had tried to get in for a week! So at 7pm we were there, and it was an amazing show. The designers were really talented and the models were hot, at least our good friends Alex and Natalia. Seeing it all from the first row with a good friend made it perfect.

Alex darling.

Natalia, my housemate.


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