Seggae nu la mizik

What a lovely night out!

There is a music festival going on, and yesterday we went to Quatre Bornes to see it. When we got there at 9pm, the entire park was filled with people. We had to jump a fence to get in. Normally it’s not safe to walk outside after sunset, which is 6pm, but we were a group of six, so it was fine. The boys told us to be careful anyway, because of people drinking and untrustworthy security workers. You would have to be careful at night back home too, but it feels strange not being able to trust the police.

So, the concert was good. When we got there this Mauritian comedian was doing a stand-up show in Creole. Apparently it was funny. Once he finished they started playing seggae, which is a fusion genre between sega, the traditional music of the Mascarene Islands, and reggae. It was invented by Kaya, whose life and influence deserves a separate blog post!

It was really interesting to see how everyone was dancing and enjoying the different musicians; I’ve never seen guys with such loose hips. I’m sometimes taking “classes” with Edeen, my brother. Whenever there is music he starts dancing. If I’m lucky he might let me film his hip-moving action and post it some time.


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