Flic en flac

I’ve spent the weekend in Flic en Flac. It is a pretty touristy place, and Alex’s father has a beach house there that we borrowed. It was Yara’s last weekend, and she wanted to have a barbecue and a goodbye party. She’s become like my sister in only one week, so of course I want her to stay here for a little longer.

We went out to a bar on Saturday night, which was good. When we left the place at 6am, everyone was lined up on the side of the road clearly not in shape to get behind the steering wheel. So I had to drive home. It was my first time driving on the left side of the road, and I think I did well!

At 6am today, Yara was supposed to get on her flight back to Egypt, or so we thought. It turns out that her flight was at 6am on Monday not Tuesday, and she missed it! Considering the fact that she has already postponed her ticket once, I don’t think her parents are too happy about it. But I cried with joy when she phoned me to let me know! Stop crying, woman yelled at me the way only Yara can.


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