Les femmes

The women are powerful here! During a training on women’s rights today (in French), I learnt that only 38% of all Mauritian women are part of the labour market. So in terms of women’s respect in the public sphere, the society still a long way to go. But from what I’ve experienced myself, the mothers run the household in a strict way.

I’ve made many good friends already, among which are two brothers that have nothing to do with AIESEC or Amnesty – they’re locals that we’ve met and made friends with outside the reality that is constructed for us upon arrival. Last night we had some beers in their house, and their mum sits with us.

I’m sitting next to the fridge, E is standing by the counter behind me, and A is sitting next to me. Mum asks whether there is a cold drink in the fridge, and as E is closes he checks. There is coke. Mum says: A, get me a coke. E goes back to the fridge to get it. Mum says: Is your name A? A, get me a coke. Then A jumps off his chair quicker than I’ve ever seen, and gets a coke in the fridge. That’s respect for you, and it’s impressive!


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