On Friday I moved into a house in Beau Bassin – and now J’habite à Beau Bassin. We’re a pretty multinational house. For now I share a room with Anca, from Romania. Then there is Natalia from Czechoslovakia, but who lives in the Netherlands. There is Lisa from Germany, Yara from Egypt, Fatima Zahrae aka Tamy from Morocco and Jeppe from Denmark. There is some Danish, Arabic and French being spoken in the house, but we mostly communicate in English.

I have come to a quite multilingual country. The locals speak Mauritian Creole amongst friends, French is the spoken language in more official settings and written communication is in English. I guess many speak Hindi as well, as around 50% of the population has an Indian background. I’m so impressed with how good the locals are at learning languages. I met a friend of Jeppe yesterday, who taught herself Finnish just because she wanted to. And she could. Now I’ve decided to work a bit on my French and Arabic, so we’ll see how that goes.


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