There is a severe water shortage in Mauritius, and after three days I have had three options.

Day 1 – no water. This was a pretty basic day. Arriving after 24 hours of travelling, a shower is just what I wanted. But our house didn’t have any. Strangely I was kind of happy about it. The feeling of being able to flush the toilet when it works again is amazing.

Day 2 – boiling water. It was an amazing feeling when I woke up on my second day, and there was water. I got in the shower, which is heated by a fire that can be seen on the tank – I thought it was pretty fancy. The flame cannot be controlled too much, so the water that comes out is practically boiling. It was a warm and quick shower.

Day 3 – eau natural. So, it turns out the heating system can be turned off. So I did, and had a real cold shower. You know, the kind that makes your heart race and gives you trouble breathing. From now on, this is my favourite.

Then of course there is a forth option of pouring bottles over yourself, if there is no water. I’ll leave that for the next time the water pump stops working, which should be in about two weeks.

Today it’s raining and I’m at work. It’s my first day, and now I see what my friends mean when talking about the slow Mauritian reality. There is nothing going one here which remotely reminds me of the London rat-race. People are so easy going, and whenever we feel tired we chat and check facebook without feeling bad about it.

Yara told me about Rodrigues, another island which is a part of Mauritius. She took the bus while being there, and all of a sudden the bus driver stopped the bus and took a nap on the beach. When he woke up he continued his route. It’s not that chilled on Île Maurice, still the bus doesn’t have a schedule. It gets here when it gets here.


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