I got home from an amazing Earth Died Screaming concert pretty late last night. I stuck around after the concert, as my father was organising the gig and I was his taxi driver for the evening. They made a mean show, playing Tom Waits songs. I’ve seen the show once before, and they are really talented. Have a look. 

Innocent when you dream.

After the concert this random girl came up to me. I’d noticed her during the concert, sitting on the sideline – knowing all the lyrics. Not many 20 year olds know the lyrics to that many Tom Waits songs. Not my point. So, earlier that evening she was sitting with two guys. She just wanted to tell me that her two friends had noticed me, and told her that they thought I was really pretty. After four days on the couch with a temperature I felt everything but pretty. It warmed me up so much (well, I did have a little temperature still) to hear her say that. Often there is too much rivalry between girls; many would not under any circumstances tell a complete stranger that. But we should! I wish more girls were that good to each other.



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