There’s something about having friends all over the world. Earthquakes here, tornadoes there and explosions or war all over. My friends are causing me a lot of nerves, because I’m simply never sure whether they’re safe or not. In exactly two weeks I’m gonna cause the same nerves on my family and friends.

So, as briefly mentioned, this is where I’m going. After India was cancelled even though I was a click away from ordering flight tickets, I tried to keep all my plans secret. But now I’ve already bought my tickets, and I’m going no matter what. After some interviews I finally got the job I wanted the most; seven weeks with Amnesty International Mauritius Section. I wrote my packing list today, sent my application for getting a residence permit and looked at some more pictures from Mauritius. Let me tell you, all of them are as the picture above. ALL OF THEM! I’m so excited to finally plan my first trip out of Europe. I’m leaving the 9th of June, and coming back the 5th of August; so more or less two months. The last couple of days I’ve been dancing with joy and excitement. I can’t believe that one year in London has opened the possibility of a job in Amnesty International. I mean, wow. I don’t know if I believe it yet. But two weeks from now, when I’m flying over the Indian Ocean, I might.


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- Maria Louise - 20 - Danish - Norwegian - Living in London - I am living a life filled with opportunities, at times you have to choose not to take them. I take as many as possible, though! Join me on my journey! View all posts by Maria Louise

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