I wasn’t the only one taking a stroll, walk of shame if you like, at 10am today. The beauty of not using make up is that when you wake up after a long night there is never any mascara smeared all around your face. This morning I met one lady, she must have looked pretty good last night. Yet walking home long after sunrise, wearing torn-up tights and carrying her high heals… It’s not charming. And she was fully aware of it, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen anyone hold her head that low before, staring into the tarmac.

Well, it made me think. We all know extremely well that it is embarrassing. Yet we still do it. Either it’s because we don’t think about the consequences, or it is because we don’t care. I think it’s the latter. We sacrifice the positive energy for tomorrow to have some liquid luck yeah, I tool that from Harry Potter today.

Personally I think it requires too much energy. I regret it the day after, and I really mean it when I say I’m never drinking again. Well, I almost really mean it. Some months will pass before I drink again. Just compare it to working your ass of for something you want, say your career. I’d claim the energy people use on recovering after a night out is the same amount of energy needed to steer your life in the direction you want. Still so many people choose to get wasted every Friday and Saturday. And Tuesday and Thursday if you’re a student. It seems we choose the option with the negative repercussions rather than the choice where you pay first, and then get something great in return. I personally concluded a while ago that it must be best to choose the latter, but I have a hard time understanding why I’m one of a few taking the road less traveled.

Today I’m not the one to say, though. I tend not to care too much what people think, so it wasn’t really that shameful a walk I had back home. But the look on that girl’s face; there’s is a reason why they call it a walk of shame. It was a good reminder of why I never plan it and why it doesn’t happen too often. That said, it was good to forget all the negative thoughts and just have a conversation feeling more or less 100% normal. For an evening at least.

Look at that! I’ve used the last year to take my life a step in the direction I want it to go, and I’ll be where that picture is taken two weeks from now. More on that later. 


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- Maria Louise - 20 - Danish - Norwegian - Living in London - I am living a life filled with opportunities, at times you have to choose not to take them. I take as many as possible, though! Join me on my journey! View all posts by Maria Louise

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