17th of May

Better late than never…

17th of May is the Norwegian Constitution Day, and that’s pretty big! I’m back in Norway, and I had an amazing day celebrating Norway’s birthday. Living in London is great, but one gets really proud to be Norwegian on a day like the 17th. Yet for some, myself included, it is a hard day as well.

Look at all those people; that’s the entire city gathered in the park. Seven years ago I was the one standing under that roof in the middle of the picture. I held the 17th of May speech, on behalf of all the primary schools in the city, in front of all of those people. 

Our national anthem.

It’s an amazing day, when we all get together and sort of show that we care for one another. However, it also means that you are bound to meet someone you know, and someone you don’t really know, but where it’s appropriate to ask how things are going. It freaks me out; at times during the day I get hit by my own anxiety, and it is bound to happen on a day like this.

The local parade.

Mum having champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast.

That’s me, in my bunad.

Luckily I’m good at covering it up, not many people notice that side of me when they talk to me. Good friends I’ve known for years get confused when I tell them now that I’m open about it after so many years. They would never have guessed it, they say. And this year something great happened; first of all I told my parents that I do struggle with this social anxiety and repeated depressions, but more importantly I didn’t let it stop me. I watched the parades, and even though I was anxious I didn’t let it stop me. I hid behind my camera, they way I always do, but I actually sat down an had a cup of coffee, I talked to people I know from school, and I actually enjoyed it a bit. Now I’m proud of myself and of my country (well, one of my countries).


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