It’s the place where you double-check whether there are any spiders in your towel before you dry your hands. Where you switch on the radio after going to bed so that you can’t hear animals walking on the roof; where you have beer before noon. It’s where my grandfather had his horse graze in the garden 70 years ago, where the neighbours are crazy and the ice cream is homemade. It’s where we have this view:


My grandmother lives here all year around, but my grandfather doesn’t like it. He thinks it’s too cold house. They’re one out of a few 80-year olds living in a long distance relationship, I guess.

Last summer, when the rest of the family was here too.

I used to hate this place. As a child I didn’t like food, and my parents had constant struggles with having me eat anything. Here every meal was 2-hours long, and once breakfast was over we started cooking lunch. I hated how my grandparents would try to make me eat. They probably hated my constant bad mood.

This is the second time I visit my grandmother alone, and she’s really cool! Yesterday she told stories about when she worked as an educator. About when the mentally challenged children stole the administrators hats, somewhat like Princess Beatrice’s hat at the Royal Wedding, put them on and balanced on the top of the roof wearing them. About when they admitted a 10-year old anorexic boy, and how he years later walked out of there healthy. I think she’s lived an interesting life!

We just got back from seeing the Picasso exhibition and having lunch at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Picasso must have been an interesting lad as well!

Q: Do you have a good relationship with your grandparents?


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