He’s gone.

One year ago this picture of Mona and me was taken, celebrating that exams were over!

Right now I’m overlooking the view of Sletten havn in Humlebæk (still Denmark), visiting my grandmother. My days in Copenhagen are over, and my best friend has left me. Not really for good, but for quite a while.

The last year, I’ve been living with my best friend. He’s been the first one I’ve seen before breakfast, and the last one after washing my face in the evening. I see him for more than 10 hours every day. He’s the one who got my through my usual winter depression this year, the one who brings me tea in bed those really dark days and now he’s off on summer vacation for 12 weeks. It’s strange how you can become so dependent on someone. A year ago I had lived with Mona, on the picture above, the same way. If you ran into her, I was probably somewhere close by. Then she moved to Bath and I moved to London, both of us sort of starting over. But once I go to Norway and she’s not there, something is wrong.

Having a last goodbye-beer in Istedgade yesterday. 

It is so unreal that I won’t see him in three months, though. The crazy think is, I don’t even miss him. Well, of course I do, but I don’t feel sad, simply because not seeing him for 12 weeks doesn’t even seem like an option. It is slowly sinking in, though. Like right before dinner, when I had some raisins. Every Friday we’d buy 1 kg of raisins, and he’d spill them all over my bed. Rosiner i sengen he’d say in Danish, which simply means raisins in the bed. Right now he’s on his way to go skiing (I know, wierd time of the year right?) in Austria, and then he’ll be off to do and internship in Uganda for 10 weeks. But after that we’re gonna find a place to live together in London. I’m not gonna say too much about it before it’s settled; I hope my dad doesn’t read this, but let me spoil the fact that it includes something about a boat.

This is Mini, his fat cat.

Q: Do you have a friend like that, other than a boy- / girlfriend?


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