One step closer

I’m one step closer to summer now. I finished my Spanish exam yesterday, and went out for some shopping afterwards. I found a pair of boyfriend jeans which fit perfectly. I guess that’s what single girls buy when they want to feel like they are loved, or at least wish to portray that image. It’s a bit sad, really. Although there is something effortlessly sexy about it. My best friend gave me three of his t-shirts that he regretted buying online – I guess that’ll do for now.

India is off, by the way. It turned out to be more like a village than a city, 4-5 hours away from Delhi. My Indian friend said it is not an ideal place to do an internship and I would not recommend going there. So I trusted him on that. It’s a bit of a bummer, I was looking forward to it a lot. At least I saved £200 on vaccinations; that’s always something. Now I’m waiting for interviews in Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia instead. Fingers crossed! 

So planning my summer has been working a bit against me lately, yet I woke up the other day, with a feeling that everything is possible! I still feel that way, and it’s amazing to be back from a rather dark period.

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