The Last Days

I’ve been having a countdown in my head. Today, I have 9 days left before summer vacation. And it is with mixed feeling.

Look at that view! Summer vacation most often gives positive associations, but there is nothing as good as coming home to this view after a long night out. Yes, that is the top of London Eye!

Since last September, this has been my home. A tiny little room, with a shared shower, toilet and kitchen. Even though we’ve sometimes been standing in line, with complete strangers, to use the shower, it has been the most amazing time I have ever had.

Summer vacation means champagne and strawberries for breakfast on the 17th of May. It means internship in India, visiting grandmother in Denmark and seeing my family and friends in Norway. But it also means leaving this room for good, as they are planning to tear the whole place down and build something new as soon as my rental agreement expires. When I return to university in four months, the entire building will be gone. But I guess there has to be balance. I can’t have both this room and four months off. So it is a bit sad.

Then again, summer vacation in 9 days means summer vacation in 9 days!

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