Breakfast thoughts

I am a huge believer in knowing why you do everything you do everything you do. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, you will never finish it. This blog has it’s why for me, and it has been my plan to share it soon. But I’m not sure if I can put it in words.

This is a little part of my why.

I watched an incredible movie last night. It is the most inspiring yet awful documentary I’ve ever seen. It made me cry, it made me angry and happy simultaneously, and it left me in a vacuum for hours afterwards.

Mugabe and the White African is a strong film!

First of all, it is a film everyone should see. It is about Mike Campbell and his family taking President Robert Mugabe to international court for racism against the white citizens of Zimbabwe. On the way he gets abducted, tortured and beaten by thugs, his white friends get thrown out of the home that they legally have owned for over 100 years, because of the land redistribution the president is doing.

Taking from the white, giving to his black friends.

This shows a Nazi Germany equivalent happening as we speak. Regardless of winning the legal case in court, after the filming ended, the government burnt down the 3,000 acre farm taking away employment possibility for 500 of the black citizens. Three weeks ago Mike Campbell died from complications following the beatings that happened back in 2008. I have never witnessed someone fighting that hard for a goal.

It’s so inspiring! 

Like This!


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