I restrained myself


I’ve had three computer and mobile free days. For two days in a row I locked myself into a friends room with my accounting books, and now the exam is finished. It’s was a good idea to ban all forms of technological communication from my life for some days. We’ll still have to wait and see if the last couple of days of intense studying were enough to pass, accounting isn’t really my thing; I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I remember reading a research report concluding that two thirds of people feel a sense of discomfort when not having their phone with them. Some actually described it the same way as drug addicts do with their addiction. That’s just scary. I’ve lived a year without a TV now, and it is good! I’m thinking about having social media-free days more often.

My friend Martin borrowed my camera and took some revision-pictures.

If was fun to see how hard it was to stay focused on one thing for 48 hours, but even more importantly how tiny things generated big feelings of happiness. You cannot understand the feeling of happiness I got from a bar of Snickers after struggling with putting dividends on the right part of income statements and statements of financial position, handling share premium accounts for ‘A’ shares and ‘B’ shares while issuing some new shares and I don’t know what. It was an incredibly strong feeling of happiness, which was pretty unsustainable; it lasted until the chocolate bar was gone.

Stretch class at the gym is exactly what I need now!

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