Delhi, India

Namaste. Aap kaisai/kaisee hain?

That’s hindi, and it means hi, how are you? Why am I writing this? Because I just got accepted for an internship in India! In Delhi, to be more precise. I haven’t accepted it yet, but if there is enough time to get a visa and my vaccinations, I’ll be starting my job the 1st of June. For almost two months, I’ll be traveling around in the underdeveloped rural parts of Delhi, teaching English and increasing the awareness of HIV/AIDS to children. And I am incredibly excited! This journey is gonna be amazing, and I will come in contact with some pretty austere living conditions. Imagine how hard it must be to meet and get to know a 2 year-old child who’s already infected with AIDS! It will be tough, but there is nothing as valuable as the life perspective it will give me.

However, my trip doesn’t end there!

Meet Monique! She’s one of my best friends, and my ex-neighbour my first half year in London. Now she has moved back to Perth, Western Australia. If I end up going to India, I will end up living with her for three weeks on my way, or detour if you like, home to Norway. I miss her so much! I’ll get to Norway by mid-august, after what I think will be the best summer one can have. Now I want to fix the vaccinations and visas, and start learning Hindi!

Phir milenge.

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