I have an Egyptian friend, and he just went back to Egypt for a short break. Now he’s back in London, and he came bearing gifts. I knew it was a classical Egyptian instrument, and after guessing for some time I said tabl, or tabla / hand drum if you will. And I was right! Thank you so much, Usef! 

The tabl is originally from Pakistan, but it is an essential instrument in the Indian history as well. In the history of Indian classical music there are six gharānās (traditions) that musicians identify. The oldest one is called Delhi gharānā. Fun-fact: I got offered a summer internship in Dehli earlier today! I don’t think I will accept it, but if I did I would learn to play the tabl before going!

Here is how I plan on making it sound:

Like This!


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One response to “Tabl

  • Usef Waly

    this style of drumming is originally Pakistani/Indian, but this drum in particular and rhythm is Turkish and Arabian adapted …
    Im not that good at it but i plan to work on it this summer, well jam when we meet up after summer !!!

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