My first exam out of four, in mathematics, is now FINISHED! My dad facebooked me from Norway that he would like to treat me to a bottle of wine, so I shared one with a friend. It resulted in a rather heated debate about religion. I am reading Veda at the moment, about the Krishna Consciousness movement, and some suras of the Koran. I find it really interesting understanding why others believe what they do!

First of all, what is religion? We didn’t agree. It was claimed that religion is believing in something external to oneself with the unconscious objective of seeking safety. After a long discussion we agreed that it’s not too important what we call it, as the different understanding of the definition is what made it impossible to agree or even understand each other. Trying to understand each other, we named it religion/knowledge/wisdom/understanding and agreed on a much similar definition; religion is believing in something, either within oneself or externally, with a conscious goal of seeking happiness. That is at least our religion – the right one if I may.

We came across an interesting example, of what a real friend is according to this. If you are feeling down after a breakup, a real friend would do two things; listen and ask questions that would open for finding your own answer. There is always an answer, within yourself, but sometimes it’s useful with some help to find them. A good friend would never tell you what to do. Take a break?Leave each other?Stay together?Talk?Act hard to get?Use time to recover?Eat loads of ice cream? After all, how is someone outside the situation able to be unbiased in matters concerning a close friend? And who are you to tell me what to do?

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