Home Sweet Home

I’m going home today. To this:

It’s a good place to live, London. I can see The Eye from my room. The top half, anyway. But still.

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These are all pictures I took when my dad and brother visited last year. That one picture is of my brother and me. Even though he is two years younger he has really outgrown me.

But yes, London is a good place. For anything other than raising kids. I wonder where I’ll end up. Probably Copenhagen. Behind St. Pauls Cathedral, right by where I live now, there is a magic square. No one can explain it, but we all feel it. It is a tender place. Although it’s just a square. In Copenhagen the whole city has that same warmth. While you’re there everything simply feels right. So I just booked my tickets to visit Copenhagen, straight after the exams finish. I’m excited about it. But London first!

I leave in two hours, so I should maybe think about packing soon.

Where do you see yourself living in ten years time?


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